An All-SEC National Championship?

The first set of BCS standings are due out this weekend, but there’s really no reason to wait, not when the BCS Guru is on the scene.

Check out the website — — for his latest simulation of what we’re going to see this weekend, and you have an interesting situation at the top.

If the championship game were held today, Florida and Alabama would play for the national title.

And depending on how the rankings play out, even a meeting between the two teams in the SEC title game might not change that, unless something strange went on with the human polls.

(Though, let’s face it, everything about the coaches poll is strange. Here’s all you need to know about college football coaches — they rank Oklahoma (with two losses) one spot ahead of BYU with one loss. And BYU beat Oklahoma. On the road, essentially.

Any system that includes the coaches poll does not deserve to be taken seriously.

But how would you feel about an All-SEC championship? Especially if the two teams had just played in the SEC championship game.

It’s worth remembering that in 2006, when there was the possibility of Michigan and Ohio State staging a championship-game rematch, SEC people went crazy.

Specifically, Florida coach Urban Meyer went crazy. He said a Michigan-Ohio State rematch, “Would be unfair to Ohio State and unfair to the country. . . . I don’t believe that is the right thing to do. Tell a team they have to go beat the same team twice, which is extremely difficult. (Michigan) had their chance. Someone else should have a chance to go get No. 1.”
Meyer argued that if the teams split their two meetings, no definitive champion could be crowned.

I think you can bet on his tune being different if Florida and Alabama wind up in the same situation.

As a postscript, however, this should not be forgotten: Meyer was right back in 2006. Florida was far superior to both Michigan and Ohio State. Right now, it’s hard to find anybody who looks better than Florida and Alabama. (The projected No. 3 team in the BCS ratings, Virginia Tech, already has been throttled by Alabama).

But expect Meyers’ words to be used against him if the current situation holds into November.

NOTE: The illustration above is by Pulitzer-prize winning former C-J editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson and is copyright of The Houston Chronicle.


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