All quiet from U of L

Just a quick update. Expect no public U of L response on the latest rumor to hit the news, that U of L will peg Jon Gruden as its top target in the event Steve Kragthorpe is not retained as head football coach (read posts below for more information).

I think the theory on Floyd Street is that there’s nothing to be gained by addressing it, and that if they address this report they have to address every report.

So I called with questions, but no answers are forthcoming at this point, which isn’t a surprise. But worth noting.

Gruden was, by the way, asked about U of L and Washington Redskins rumors this morning on ESPN’s The Mike & Mike Show, and said that he doesn’t respond to questions about jobs that aren’t vacant.

It creates an interesting dynamic. You wonder how ESPN will handle this, since Gruden is an employee of the Worldwide Leader. In any other circumstance, ESPN would be happy to jump on such a rumor. The only treatment of it I can find that they’ve given it — besides the Mike & Mike mention — is a three-paragraph blurb on their “Rumor Central,” which was little more than an acknowledgment of the original report by NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi. Uncharacteristic, to say the least. They certainly have more access to Gruden than anybody.

Regardless, that this report is out there, and part of speculation by media outlets, takes it to another level.

By way of review, my two posts from last night on this story

1). Talking about the plausibility of Gruden.

2). Expressing my opinion that if Tom Jurich wants to buy a coach out, the coach gets bought out. The notion that he wanted to make a move on Kragthorpe last year but didn’t because the coach wouldn’t leave is, at best spin, and at worst, well, something worse. No one with the money, authority and fan support at Jurich’s disposal last year would’ve spent a football season with a coach he did not want.


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