Pro Football Talk scoffs at Gruden buzz

At least one NFL observer is getting a chuckle out of the report that U of L wants to go after Jon Gruden.

Mike Florio of says, “with all due respect to the powers-that-be at Louisville, why in the hell do they think that Gruden would want the job?”

It’s a legitimate question. Florio points out that Gruden is still an A-list candidate for any NFL job that comes open.

He’s shown no indication that he wants to get into college coaching, though I’ll throw out this theory. Gruden, who went to high school in South Bend, Ind., where his father was an assistant coach at Notre Dame, might well think heading back to his former home would be an intriguing idea.

In which case, a few years of college success at Louisville might be desirable.

But it’s a long, long shot. Florio says it’s this long: “They’d might as well add Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, and Vince Lombardi to the list, too. All men have an equal chance, in our view, of becoming the next head coach of the Cardinals.”

It’s funny, when fans have mistakenly tried to make more out of the Jurich-Kragthorpe “friendship” than ever was warranted (Jurich and John L. Smith were closer friends when Jurich tapped Smith), Jurich’s closest friend in big-time coaching may well be Shanahan.

But let’s stick to one rumor at a time.

You can read Florio’s entire post here.


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