Time to throw away the throwbacks

The throwback thing has run its course. When the Denver Broncos show up on Monday Night Football dressed like some JV high school team, like Burt Reyonlds’ prison team in “The Longest Yard,” it’s time to throw the throwbacks out, maybe wait another 40 years before bringing them back.

These days, I’m wishing newspapers could have throwback editions. You know, bring out the 24-page Sports Section on Sunday, or the Sunday Magazine.

There is something about seeing an important symbol of your past that strikes you, that for a moment summons the feelings and passions of that time. I admit it, I feel it when I see the old Cincinnati Reds’ uniforms from the 1970s — ugly though they admittedly were.

But that moment does pass. And if anything, you’re left with the realization that you can’t go back — no matter what you’re wearing.


22 thoughts on “Time to throw away the throwbacks

  1. What about that throwback picture of you which the E-N uses? Let's throw that one away, too.On second thought, in your case maybe the throwback is preferable to reality so we should keep it.davidm

  2. You're right about the Broncos of course, but the same idiot that has been making the coaching decisions in San Diego must have been the one who decided to switch from the best uniforms in professional sports to the, well, boring dark blues. Have the bolts made a conference finals in the dark blues? Has management hired or kept a decent coach since then?And while we're talking about throwbacks, don't you think the Pats old helmets are better than the new silver ones? You gotta love the hiking Patriot.

  3. David, if they used a 40-year-old throwback of me, it'd be a baby picture!Still, the online photo of me is a throwback in newspaper terms! It's eight years old and I don't know why they use it.The one in the paper is three years old. I think they re-do those every five or so.Though, as I tell everyone, there's only so much our photogs can do. I don't give them much material to work with! Your second thought is probably an accurate one.I do welcome everyone who wants to take shots at mine to post their own picture, to show us what the benchmark should be.

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