The shower couldn't wait?

Today’s exhibit for why it’s getting harder to follow athletes with anything approaching the entusiasm of the old days: Manny Ramierz.

The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder was pulled from Monday night’s playoff game against Philadelphia in the top of the ninth for defensive purposes.

But instead of watching the rest of the game — a ninth-inning collapse by his team — Ramirez headed to the showers. Literally. “I come out early, I take a shower,” he said.

It’s bush league. Actually, no. You couldn’t get away with it in the minor leagues, only in the majors. Kids take note — this is how not to be a member of a team.

Ramirez didn’t see his teammates lose. Oh, but he did catch the highlights. His manager, Joe Torre, just said, “Manny is Manny.” Actually, Manny is a moron.

Now, time for a shower.


8 thoughts on “The shower couldn't wait?

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