Wednesday roundup of malfeasence

Lots of bad actors in the news in the past few days, but we have a new NATIONAL CHAMPION for NCAA INFRACTIONS.

Step up, Miles College in Birmingham, Ala., to accept your trophy. I don’t have to describe anything. I’m just going to show you two paragraphs from the infractions report released today.

From the 2004-05 through 2008-09 academic years, the college allowed 124 student-athletes involved in all 10 sports to practice, compete, receive travel expenses and/or receive athletically related aid while ineligible. The student-athletes were ineligible for a number of reasons, including failure to meet initial eligibility, continuing eligibility and transfer requirements. The violations occurred and remained undetected during the four years due to the failure of the college to have a viable athletics compliance system in place.

Now, you might say, “These things happen. Ineligible athletes, even 124 of them, can slip through the cracks from time to time.” All right, then, how about this? Keep reading:

The case also involves unethical conduct by two members of the athletics department staff. The former head track coach directed and knowingly allowed six student-athletes to participate under assumed names during the 2006-07 academic year. In addition, the former director of athletics worked with an administrator at another institution to fabricate results from two women’s outdoor track meets to make it appear that Miles College had enough participants to meet NCAA sport sponsorship minimums. In addition, the committee found the former director of athletics provided false and misleading information to the NCAA enforcement staff during the investigation.

Oh my. But Miles College isn’t the only one getting bad press . . .

RICH RODRIGUEZ isn’t going to punish offensive lineman Mark Ortmann for this low-blow to an Illinois player on Saturday. I’d give you a link to the video, but it has been pulled from YouTube. And we all know, if it ain’t on YouTube, it didn’t happen. Kind of like when the U of L player spit on Pat White a few years back in plain (video) view, but U of L coaches said, “Didn’t happen.”

FACEBOOK FACEDOWN: Check out the rant that UCLA fullback Trevor Theriot’s dad posted on his Facebook page, laying waste to Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel (courtesy of the Orange County Register) —

The sad state of UCLA football. My gosh . . . I have never seen more misuse of talent and a greater degree of offensive stagnancy on play calling and use of personnel . . . we have the players.

UCLA under Coach Rick . . . is horrible. Wayne Moses the running back coach is horrible. The sets are Pop Warner in movement, motion, and slots. I mean a Pop Warner type offense that Tim Tebow would laugh at. UCLA is playing with great athletes but giving great athletes boys and girls club sets. Norm Chow and Wayne Moses are old school and gone.

I have decided to just show up and Coach at UCLA Spaulding Field today. I am going to just step out of the ‘parents’ section of the stands and coach the backfield. I am going to pick Prince as my starter and I am going with Franklin/Coleman tail and Theriot at fullback.

I’m thinking Neuheisel un-friended him.


14 thoughts on “Wednesday roundup of malfeasence

  1. Its too bad that UK lost another national title, but I have no doubt that Coach Cal will have you back there in no time Eric then you can write about them, Oh wait, naw, you won't write about that, you'll try to shift the focus to someone or something else!!

  2. UL fans are so pathetic it's funny, Rick has more violation then UK since he took over UL, Coach Cal has NEVER been sited by the NCAA, were as Slick Rick has 12 Violations on his resume , and his players regularly show up on the police blotter…… clean off your own doorstep before questioning someone else

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