Questions on today's column

Q: Nice article this morning calling out Kragthorpe for not recruiting Florida. How come it took three years to write it?
A: Actually, the column took him more to task for not recruting Alabama and Georgia, but Florida is in the mix, too. But I dispute your premise. I’m not just now writing about it. The following excerpt is from my column that ran on Dec. 5, 2008:

Even worse, recruiting footholds that U of L established in talent-rich states like Florida, Alabama and Georgia appear to be drying up, and years of entrenchments that began with Howard Schnellenberger are in danger of being abandoned.

That’s the most recent of three different mentions of U of L’s changing recruiting base and questioning why it was abandoning its traditional bases. It has been a pretty consistent question from me, and others.

Q: Don’t you think an announcement early this week would help the crowd for the Rutgers game?
A: Maybe a little, but not enough to make it a factor. The next home finale U of L fans pack the house in will be the first. It’s going to be a sparse crowd no matter what. The thing that I do think is worth taking into consideration is the players. If Jurich were to announce a decision before the game, it might — MIGHT — allow some of the focus to shift more to the players. But I really doubt it.

In fact, an announcement might further fan the buzz around the coaching job and completely take the players off center stage.

Either way, I don’t think it matters a great deal.

Q: Who are the leading candidates?
A: Nobody has emerged, but I keep pounding home the words “proven college coach.” I don’t look for Jurich to “take a chance” on somebody. Though the buzz around him died down for a while, I’m starting to hear Tommy Tuberville’s name surface again. Mike Leach made a pretty strong statement against leaving Texas Tech in response to questions yesterday. One thing to consider is what coaches come on the market as a result of the carousel.

Q: You said you had a “closing argument” on a legal pad. I’d like to see it!
A: I may put it on later, but won’t run it in a column — unless necessary.


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