Knight criticizes Calipari

At a fundraiser for the Indiana University Hall of Fame, Bob Knight spoke on a variety of subjects, but in a story by Associated Press writer Mike Marot, he leveled this criticism at University of Kentucky coach John Calipari.

“We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching,” he said. “You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that.”

It’s not the first time Knight has weighed in on questions about UK. I remember an interview he did with Cawood Ledford once in which he was asked how much the rivalry with UK meant to him, and he responded, and I’m paraphrasing — after some of the stuff that has gone on at UK, it means less to me than you might think.

Outcry from UK fans coming in 3, 2, 1 . . .


21 thoughts on “Knight criticizes Calipari

  1. Tell it like it Bobby Knight! You told the truth. Cal should not be coaching, two schools put on probation because of his cheating factor.

  2. Bobby Knight is the man! He tells it like it is and could care less about what Calipari or UK fans think. The most winning coach in college basketball history knows sh*t when he smells it!

  3. No outrage from this UK fan. Just laughter at the hate and jealousy. I also find it hilarious that a man fired from IU for a pattern of physical abuse and assault on his player would lecture anyone about integrity. It feels good to be the team people hate. No one hates a losing team, they only hate a winning team.

  4. Funny that this came right after UK smacked IU again. Also funny that he didn't question why his golden boy coach K used an ineligable player but was never punished like Memphis and UMASS.

  5. Pitino got Hawaii put on probation.Roy Williams did the same for Kansas.Jim Calhoun must have given more than a dime back to the NCAA to get some of his issues ignored.I am not even going to touch Coach K and the Myron Piggie/Corey Maggette fiasco that mirrored the Camby affair at UMass only without any punishment.I am not saying Calipari should be viewed as an angel, but I think Knight should not limit his comments to UK.

  6. Programs on probation? I suppose so. But "cheating"? Those who claimed he "cheated", please define how he did so.A player at UMass accepted gifts from an agent. Exactly how is that Calipari's fault?Memphis played a player that the NCAA cleared to play. Any school in the country would have played him. ANY SCHOOL.Roy Williams got KU on probation. Then went to UNC and won a title. Tainted?UConn is always in some NCAA legal mess.Pitino had recruiting violations at Hawaii.Since its last championship 23 years ago, UofL has had more major NCAA probations (2) than Final Fours. Maybe Crum's name should come off the court?IU? They hired a known cheater who got them on probation for the same thing.Knight? Just because he followed NCAA rules doesn't make him perfect either. He was an awful human being. On and off the court behavior. The way he treated players, IU administration, refs, NCAA officials,etc. There has never been a more self-important, bully, blowhard than Bob Knight. He has no room to judge anyone, on anything."UK fans don't care. They are just as bankrupt of integrity as their coach." Irony. UofL has its court named after an NCAA cheater, and they continue to give standing ovattions to Pitino…while support the removal of an honorable, NCAA violation free football coach. Pot, kettle, black.

  7. Regardless of anything Knight did in the past, he is telling the truth. Vitale and the others don't have the nads to say it, but Bobby Knight sure does. We all knew he was a cheater before this year, everyone including the fans of the school in Lexington. Jealousy? 902 wins and 3 national championships. If it was all jealousy, why aren't people after Carolina then? They have had a whole lot more for people to be jealous over than the team from Lexington has had the last several years. Bury your heads, you know the truth. You knew it when he was at Memphis and you know it now , even though you keep it in the back of your minds somewhere.

  8. Hawaii???? Really are you that desperate to bring down Rick Pitino, the man who gave UK basketball new life? When NO ONE wanted the job? Really?And just for the record, it was his first coaching job as an assistant…please people – it's sad when you wanna bring down someone who gave you some of the best basketball in UK history…just sad

  9. Funny to see a remark about people only hate teams who are winning. Sorry — most people hated UK last year and the year before that as well — I wouldn't call those big "winning years" that others envied. People just dislike UK for their arrogance, history of cheating, and crazy fans — has nothing to do with winning or losing.

  10. I'm sure UK recruits love to hear the most winning coach in NCAA history blast UK's head coach for being dirty and saying he is surprised he is allowed to coach. Great publicity!!!! ESPN loves it!!!!Knight won't even talk about UK during a broadcast. All the UK fans are sitting on the edge of their seats, "Come on, say something about John Wall". Hilarious!

  11. It is my understanding with Memphis that the probation was tied in more with the Women's Golf team. The entire athletics department got placed on probation which included the basketball program.As for UMass I really thought that they just had to vacate the wins.At any rate, I always say if Bobby Knight impugning your integrity is inevitable, it's best to just relax lay back and enjoy it.

  12. like he said in this article Bobby tried taking cheap shots at coach hall too, with Bobby his hate for UK is so great that he would criticize jesus himself if he was the coach at UK ROFLMMFAO, and you UL fans that have always hated Bobby jumped right on the Bobby bandwagon GO UL BANDWAGONERS lmao

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