CBS' Seth Davis takes on Knight

Full comments of CBS commentator Seth Davis on the Bob Knight-John Calipari controversy from “At The Half” with Tim Brando this afternoon . . .

“First of all, Bob Knight did not get his facts quite correct. UMass nor Memphis went on probation nor was John Calipari implicated in either of those cases. So I think he’s being a little unfair to Calipari.

“His broader point which he expanded on today is that he feels like whenever a school gets in trouble, it’s the coach that should be punished, as opposed to the school he leaves behind. He cited Kelvin Sampson as an example of someone who never should have gotten hired at Indiana.

“But let me just say this to Coach Knight, my fellow member of the media, by the way Bob, welcome to the media, is that while Knight never ran afoul of the NCAA to his credit, he is not a great messenger to be talking about the behavior of coaches. So now that he is commenting on these things, I’d like to see him own up to some of the things he did over the course of his career. Be as tough on Bob Knight as you were this week on John Calipari.”


35 thoughts on “CBS' Seth Davis takes on Knight

  1. Bobby Knight will never own his faults as a person! He has his good points, but he has never had control of himself, and he has never owned up to a single mistake he has made. That is all part of being a person who does not always have rational control of himself. As for Calipari, lots of people like to take shots at the man, don't know why, but they like to ople on him. No question, most of it is not accurate or fair.

  2. Great article.. Usually no one takes up for the wrong information passed to Coach Cal but this is a good piece and I'm glad someone stepped up. I agree that this is a perfect time for Coach Knight answer up to some of his coaching stunts…:)

  3. I think it is night and day to compare what Cal has done compared to Knight. While Knight had a well documented temper problem, he never cheated or left a program on probation in the wake of the disaster. Cal just shrugs his shoulders while he watches the NCAA put the teams on probation, cashes his new checks at the bank and say "I didn't know".Nice try Cal. Too much fire for you to not know anything. With the camby thing, I could see people giving him a pass. With the Rose thing and the timing of the news from the NCAA on the investigation (October before the season started), he still chose to play him. So, he did have a hand it in it. Anyone that says otherwise is just looking through colored glasses.

  4. Thanks Seth. We Cats fans hate you a little less for your stating the truth about Knight's completely erroneous accusations levied at Calipari. Cal doesn't recruit any differently from any other top D1 coach. He just happens to have become the person the media (ESPN) wants to make the scapegoat for the changes in the way these kids are handled coming out of high school. It's a new world and walking the bleeding edge of the rules is the way it is. The NCAA knows this and their bread is buttered by it. It's all about the money. Thanks again. Gavin S.

  5. It's a shame that this sociopath has been given a microphone at ESPN and anywhere else to broadcast outrageous statements and to revise history.Never let facts get in the way of a career dealing in the outrageous.Bobby, that's right mister, BOBBY, Knight has demonstrated over the years that he's a thug. But when you're a winner, well, whaddayagonnado?The choking incident. The chair throwing incident. The alleged physical altercation with the IU student during Knight's firing. Open public defiance of the university's administration. The truly scary exhibition during the Jeremy Schaap interview. See who saw that interview live as I did got treated to a command performance by an recalcitrant menacing egtostical buffoon, a sociopath with deep-seated anger management problems.But, hey, he was a winner. Right, IU fans?

  6. As far as the "nice try" comment about Cal, the writer makes the same mistake that Knight makes…that Cal's teams have been left on probation. Hasn't happened. Please argue the facts–not your biases.

  7. To Anonynous says – get your facts straight – The NCAA "clearing house" you know the Sheriff's office of the NCAA "CLEARED" Rose to play. Any Coach would and should accept that decision!!The NCAA allows Duke and Kansas escape and gets Memphis on something that "THEY" said is ok? Give me a break!!

  8. As far as the "nice try" comment about Cal, the writer makes the same mistake that Knight makes…that Cal's teams have been left on probation. Hasn't happened. Please argue the facts–not your biases.

  9. I have always seen Seth a commentator who is terrifically biased and would pick a middle school team to beat Kentucky in Rupp, but I give credit where it is due. Thank you for speaking out on this. Coach Knight has forgotten more about basketball than most will ever know. Unfortunately, he has also forgotten much about his own career.

  10. bob knight is half crazy but he was just saying what everyone else, outside of kentucky, were thinking. and dont pay attention to uk fans because they have their blinders on, but they were saying the same thing last year about calipari but now that they are winning he is "their guy."

  11. Truly Twilight Zone material. Seth Davis sides with Calipari? Davis knows that Coach Cal is at UK, right? Regardless, it's a nice change. Perhaps the new baby has turned Davis into a wise sage – we can only hope.

  12. I dont think UK fans have their blinders on. I think for once their eyes are open with or without Calipari. UK has more wins than any other college basketball team and will continue to win regardless of what idiots like Bobby Knight have to say.

  13. UMass wasn't put on probation. As I read the NCAA report, Memphis is facing 3 years probation — though that is being appealed.

  14. First off I am a HUGE UK fan, and i have always liked Bob Knight until he said the comments about Cal. Lets see, in the Camby situation where he took money from someone, how can that be Cal's fault? Do you think he walks around with the players every where they go? He cant control who his players talk to or meet in the streets.. As for the Rose saga at Memphis, the NCAA clearing house CLEARED him to play, I mean how much else do you need to play a kid when the highest governing body of the NCAA clears him to play and then once the season is over rules him ineligible..True Cal left these schools as the shit was hitting the fan, BUT I do believe Memphis was a step up from UMass and I know that Kentucky was a huge step up from Memphis, so how can you fault a guy that is trying to better himself. I sure all these haters on here would love to keep their jobs at Walmart instead of stepping up if offered a better job at, lets see whats a step up from Walmart?? Denny's, Meijer's, Lowes… The haters will always hate especially since Kentucky is BACK and will be hanging more banners in Rupp!

  15. What I really can't figure out is why so many UK fans are taking up for this guy? Where were the UK fans when it was time to take up for Tubby Smith, when all he did was win 20+ games a year for 16 straight years spanning various schools? "He didn't win enough, he didn't recruit…blah blah blah." The Rondo/Morris class was #1, then the fans turned on him and if you were a good recruit why would you walk into that mess? His players acted with class on and off the court, but the fans didn't want that apparently. Now the circus has come to Lexington and fans love it cause at this point they are winning.How can you defend a guy who recruits players that offer schools shy away from cause of their attitudes, character, or actions. Did people forget why Coach K and Roy Williams stopped recruiting John Wall, despite him being from their state? Not Cal, HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE NAME ON THE FRONT OF THE JERSEY, be it Massachuesetts, Memphis, or Kentucky. Everyone wants to bash Knight, but doesn't want to address what he was talking about, including Seth Davis. Maybe it is too difficult of a topic for media guys to dance around? Sorry Cat fans, but Kentucky can do better for a coach. This proud school doesn't have to settle for a coach that has trouble follow him wherever he goes…that is a fact, not a bias. Just look at the empty gaps in the trophy cases and rafters at UMass and Memphis as the evidence. Get your tall ladders ready, history is not on Cal's side.

  16. Anyone suprised that Kentucky hired Cal?Let's see…Rupp, Joe B, Sutton, The Alcoholic, and now Cal. Some would even put Ricky P. in the category. Integrity, class, character, and a university-first mentality doesn't really resonate with those names above. Sorry.As for Knight…not a big fan, but if your a person that values Seth Davis' opinion over the most successful coach in CBB history, you probably better watch either more college ball or take up a different past time other than sports.

  17. Bobby Knight questioning anyone's integrity is like Roseanne Barr telling someone they're fat and can't sing.Any coach in America would have played Rose after the NCAA checked his academic records and declared him eligible. You can try to find a way to find Cal at fault for that, in fact, let's just assume that he orchestrated the whole thing and personally arranged for someone to take Derrick Rose's ACT for him (a pretty big stretch, but let's run with it). Even if he was 100% guilty of that, how does that in anyway compare to Bobby Knight's physical, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse that he doled out on kids for 40 years all in the name of winning basketball games. If you haven't seen the video evidence of Knight choking Neil Reed, go search for it on You Tube…I'm sure it's on there. It was a disgusting act and how anyone would allow him to ever coach another game or practice after that incident is a much more valid question that the one Knight asked about Calipari. And the choking is just one example of hundreds. The thought that Bobby Knight, a truly reprehensible example of a human being, should be in position to judge any standards for human behavior or morality is a joke.To address a couple of other items of misinformation listed here…Roy Williams made only a half-hearted effort at recruiting John Wall because of his well-chronicled issues with Wall's AAU coach Brian Clifton…not because of anything related to Wall's attitude. If you have been paying any attention at all, it's clear that John Wall has a great attitude and is very mature for his age. Furthermore, he has performed extremely well in the classroom over the summer and Fall semester and intends to take a heavier load of classes in the Spring so that he will be further along towards his goal of obtaining a degree even if he turns pro after the season as he should. Coach K stopped recruiting Wall? Really? Check your facts. He desperately wanted (and needed) Wall.As for the comments about Tubby Smith…no one ever questioned his personal integrity, although it could be argued that the program endured more off-the-court incidents from its players than during anyone else's coaching tenure at UK. The bottom line with Tubby was that he was a good coach, but, while achieving good results on the court, fell short of the standards that had long been established for UK basketball and clearly had the direction of the program pointed toward mediocrity. He made the best decision for all parties involved when he exited to Minnesota.For those waiting for Calipari to slip up and get Kentucky placed on probation, please hold your breath waiting for it to happen. There is no coach or program under more scrutiny with so many fans, opposing coaches, and both local and national media foaming at the mouth to dig up some dirt, and there is no school that has a NCAA compliance staff as large and as involved in the day-to-day operations of the Athletics program as UK's. The opportunity to engage in any kind of rule-breaking without being exposed is simply not there. Cal wants to win big here and knows he cannot afford even a hint of another scandal of any kind. So, please, hold your breath waiting for it to happen and try not to be too bitter about the wins Calaiari and UK are racking up in the process.

  18. Funny that Roy Williams was brought up. He is actually a coach that's been implicated in some wrong doing. Remember when he left Kansas? It's ridiculous that Cal comes under fire when he has NEVER been implicated in anything and guys like Pitino, Self, and Williams all have violations to their name. Look at the facts people. And if you think none of Knight's players ever did anything shady behind his back, you are kidding yourself.

  19. Correction about Wall being recruited…UNC stopped recruiting him approximately 2 weeks after his break-in into an empty home stating 'he didn't fit the direction of their program' – this has been chronicled by SI. Also, according to SI articles out there, Duke backed way off as well after the incident. It is what it is. No one is bad mouthing Kentucky, just Cal. It is interesting that a school like Indiana (for example, I know there are others) and their fans wanted to torch Kelvin Sampson for his phone calls, text messages, failing grades, and players running wild on campus. Apparently that program would not settle for those actions and mediocrity from the leaders of their BB team, despite Sampson putting them back into the Top 10 in basketball and the Top 5 in recruiting. They only allowed him to last a little over one season.But UK (for example, there are others including in football) knew Cal's former programs had massive trouble (not many schools have banners and trophies taken back) and still only saw the recruiting success he has had. Ultimately it is the coach that has to be held accountable. Cal knows that regardless if his offical statement on that question is "no comment". Step up Big Blue Nation and send this thug back to the NBA. The Cal's, Tim Floyd's, Bob Huggins', Sampsons' of the world have no place in college sports. Take some pride in your university and its image!!! UK can do better and doesn't need that kinda so-called mentor teaching their student-athletes.

  20. Why not identify Bobby Knight for what he is, and what he always has been, a petty hypocrite whose nutty, abusive behavior has intimidated weak sisters like Dick Vitale into repeatedly kissing his butt the air. Why is he allowed to take up air time?

  21. People can use semantics all they want in denying "probation" fro those schools; but in 1996 UMass was not in the final four and in 2007 neither was Memphis. Pretty big penalties if you ask me.

  22. It's not semantics, Lawson. It's fact. And it's defamation by Knight. Here's what Bruiser Flint says about it in the Philadelphia Inquirer: "I know we didn't go on probation at UMass because I took over after he left," said Flint, who succeeded Calipari as coach there in 1996.The probation issue aside, Knight's claim is that Calipari is to blame for the infractions at UMass and Memphis. And that's not factual either.That's not just UK fans sticking up for their coach. That's what the NCAA found. And that's a pretty big deal. Why do you ignore that part of the story?Sometimes, you know, the person at fault is the kid.

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