Rich Brooks is 80 percent gone — and I'm not all here either

Back from a few days off for Christmas break, and climbing back on the blog bicycle. New Year’s resolution — to blog more regularly. Anyone with suggestions or motivations — they’re welcome. I may hire an assistant to hold a gun on me to make me do it.

Or maybe I can find a C-J editor to do it for free.

So I take a few days off, and football coaches everywhere go bat-guano crazy. Let us survey the wreckage . . .

RICH BROOKS: It was a disappointing loss in the Music City Bowl, you could see that from Brooks’ reaction. Shoot, I could see it from the couch with the way Brooks was screaming at his defense to hold after a pivotal late fumble that sealed the game for Clemson. Afterward, Brooks said he told his players that there was an 80 percent chance he would not return next season, which, on its surface, sounds a little convoluted, until you consider what Urban Meyer did over the weekend, which made Brooks’ statements seem like ex cathedra teachings from the Pope by comparison. In the end, credit Brooks for handling his departure, if that is indeed what it turns out to be, the right way. He didn’t make himself the center of attention, and dealt as honestly with people as he could. More to come on Brooks when events warrant.

Pertinent quote: “In my mind, I’m already gone.” — Kramer, on Seinfeld, before heading to California.

URBAN MEYER: Sorry, something doesn’t seem right. It’s a health problem — heart issues, all right — that cause him to issue a bombshell statement Saturday saying he would resign. The sports world erupts. He mentions getting his priorities right. He mentions putting his family first. Some cryptic stuff, with little specificity. (It reminds me of when Pitino took his leave of absence for health reasons, to the Cleveland Clinic, then was back one game later). Then Sunday morning he wakes up, puts his Gators through their paces in preparation for the Sugar Bowl, and decides, “My heart feels *(#$& fine, I’m not quitting.” Either that, or those eight hours he slept in the world of New Priorities didn’t suit him. Or maybe somebody hooked him up with some Lipitor. Or maybe a simple touch of the hem of Tim Tebow’s garment did the trick. I don’t know. But Meyer comes out the next day and says he’s only taking a leave of absence. Also, he has taken leave of his senses. There was no reason this couldn’t have waited until after the Sugar Bowl, which truly has been treated like a toilet bowl by the two head coaches whose teams earned trips there.

Pertinent quote: “Indecision may or may not be my problem,” — Jimmy Buffett.

MIKE LEACH: The thing people don’t understand is this. It could have been worse for Adam James, the kid the Texas Tech coach reportedly locked in a dark electrical closet when he couldn’t practice because of a concussion. Leach, remember, is a pirate fanatic. He could have made James walk the plank. Surely Leach is smarter than this. Not just a player, but the son of an ESPN commentator. The son of the ESPN commentator who was scheduled to work your bowl game. Leach has a law degree of his own. He admitted James was “secluded” on two occasions. Makes it sound like he sent him to a beach home in Kailua. The dramatic move of suspending a coach before a bowl game is what bodes worst for Leach in this. It has to look pretty bad for a university in Texas to jeopoardize a bowl win.

Pertinent quote: “Nothing stops. Nothing — or you will do the hardest time there is. No more protection from the guards. . . . You understand me? Catching my drift? Or am I being obtuse?” — Warden Samuel Norton, The Shawshank Redemption.

There’s more, but that’s enough to get us started. More coming on the Colts’ surrender, the increasing irrelevance of bowl games and that little basketball matchup in Lexington this weekend.

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