Wall's night vs. Hartford

Not figuring it to be a very interesting game, I decided instead to just track the play of John Wall. As this will show, his activity is far from limited to showtime dunks and highlight plays. It was a good, active game, nothing extraordinary. But against a run-of-the-mill opponent, Wall was still extremely active and made more than 40 little plays that helped his team in a blowout win.

Here are the notes I scribbled during the game.


1. Chases down ball, gets back tip, climbs to top of press table in end zone.

2. pushes ball, assist to Patterson for game’s first points.

3. Buries three from top right

4. Chases down long rebound and grabs it at the sideline

(FIRST HARTFORD TIMEOUT UK up 8-3 Cousins has 2 points and 4 rebounds. Four of UK’s five rebounds and four of the seven in the game).

5. Deflection, but no steal, on press

6. Takes spill off hard screen in press, deflects ball

7. dives full out on floor forcing a turnover, Cousins picks it up and goes down court for a dunk

8. On break, passes to Dodson, missed dunk, Wall misses three, Cousins puts it back

9. Drives lane on break, hits Dodson for a transition three, forces a :30 timeout by Hartford with 14:31 left.

UK up 21-8

OUT (3 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound) WALL BACK IN , 12:21, up 26-10

10. Break with no numbers, holds the ball up

11. Misses lob slam, bad timing on pass but nearly slammed it on the way down

12. Flashes middle, gets ball at elbow, passes opposite for open three that misses

13. Takes ball on break, is fouled

14. Penetrates lane, floats a pass just above the rim, Orton appears to slam it.

15. Sets up trap, forces turnover on press

16. Misses three from right wing

17. Drives to elbow, stops on dime, leaves dart for Cousins layup by rim.

18. Pushes on the break, finds Dodson open in left corner for 3.

19. Blocks shot in lane.

20. Leaves bounce assist for Cousins, who is fouled. (Cousins raises fist, doesn’t throw it). — Cousins makes Free throws

TV TIMEOUT (Wall 3 points, 5 assists, one rebound).

21. Loops cross court pass to Dodson for open 3, missed.

22. Loses man on defense, who drives for layup, bumps into him and sends him sprawling coming back up court

23. Misses jumper from 15 feet

24. Throws lob to Cousins on break, dunk

25. Drives lane, lobs to Cousins, dunk

26. Takes lob from Miller, slams it home behind his head.

27. Closes in with Miller on trap on ensuing enbounds, forces pass to sail out of bounds.

28. Lobs to Patterson in traffic in post, Patterson misses

29. Gets deflection, crashes to floor

30. (After Orton blocks dunk). Half-court pass to Patterson on break for slam

31. Deflection, behind ball (Hartford makes 3 anyway)

32. Transition long pass ahead to Liggins, three-pointer

33. Makes one outside move, lobs to Orton for slam.

34. Wall drives, another lob, slam by Orton.

35. Gets shot over for a 3.

36. Holds for one shot … doesn’t create a good look. Frustrated as he leaves the court.


1. Rebound, drive ball down

2. Fast-break pass Miller for 3

3. Chases down offensive rebound

4. Fastbreak lob to Patterson for layup

5. Steal, 32 reaches around at foul line to foul him. Trying to keep Wall off SportsCenter

6. Chases down defensive rebound

7. Finds miller in transition for 3

8. Dunks on a fast break runout

9. Drives, gets fouled.

10. Scores give and go layup from Patterson

LEAVES GAME with 14 assists, one short of tying school record.

7:53 left, Wall checks back in

11. Looks other way, but still dogs dribbler all the way down.

12. Hits Harrelson for jumper, missed

13. Pass to harrelson, hits a turnaround, assist

14. Hits Stevenson on break, 15 footer good.

Wall leaves with 4:17 left, 97-56 lead.


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