Calipari responds to Delk video

When asked this morning if he was screaming at Reginald Delk in the YouTube video above (about 15 seconds in), a screen grab from Saturday’s game against the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky coach John Calipari said, “I don’t know. The game was so emotional.”

I’m going to take that as a “yes.”

Calipari needs to apologize for this, because it hits at the very core of sportsmanship. And if UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart can’t jog his basketball coach’s memory and come up with a proper statement of where the school stands on this sort of thing, then we’ll know where the school stands on this sort of thing.

Here is what it appears Calipari is saying — and he did not deny today that he was addressing Delk “[unintelligible] kick your ass after the game. You’re going for the wrong guy.”

(Sorry about the language, but it’s not mine, it’s Calipari’s). There’s no way of telling exactly what was said. Well, unless Calipari’s memory improves. And, even from the angle of it, there’s no way of telling who Calipari is addressing.

I have been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He did take Bledsoe out of the game immediately — and Bledsoe kept talking, even got up off the bench after sitting down to keep jawing at Delk. But if his coach was doing the same thing, is it any wonder?

Bottom line — if Calipari was addressing Delk, he needs to apologize. And the Southeastern Conference needs to think about whether a sanction, or warning, is in order for a coach voicing a physical threat to an opposing player.

It’s one thing for players to do this. Games get heated. Emotions get the better of you. But coaches should not be a part of this kind of trash talk.

I don’t want to blow this out of proportion. It’s not the end of the world, not a national scandal on the level of a Leach or Pitino.

But it is an embarrassment in its own kind of way, and should not be condoned.

Also today, Calipari said that Cousins should not have been ejected from the game and that he got kneed in the head.

I have no problem with his assertion that Cousins shouldn’t have been ejected. What else is he going to say? But the Swopshire knee complaints are ridiculous. When you jump on top of a guy, you enter at your own risk. Swopshire was in a prone position with a 6-10 guy closing in on him. His body motions were consistent with those of a player trying to secure the ball, midsection moved up, upper body moved down.

No foul was assessed for the knee, because Swopshire did not initiate the contact and it occurred during the course of going for the ball.

Cousins’ forearm to Swopshire came AFTER the whistle and not only was deliberate, but sustained. He bore down on Swopshire with all his weight — a Courier-Journal still photo confirms it — and for a brief moment cut off Swopshire’s air because his arm was across the neck.

To equate an incidental knee in the head — in contact Swopshire did not initiate — with a deliberate act that occurred after the play with intent to harm, is more of a reach than I’m willing to accept.

Swopshire, rightfully, received a technical for going after Cousins after the play, when a ref was restraining him.

But if Calipari believes that Cousins is justified in doing what he did because he took an incidental knee to the head, then he’s wrong.

The upshot of all this is that Cousins had better not make the same mistake again. He can’t react to incidental contact with deliberate force. He got the benefit of the doubt from the refs in the Louisville game. I don’t expect he should get it the rest of the season.

I want to be clear. Both teams came in with the same macho attitude on Saturday. Neither is more at fault for the way Saturday’s game was played.

But let’s call the plays what they were. And if Calipari was party to a threat against an opposing player — even in the heat of the moment — he needs to apologize and everybody needs to move on.

[NOTE: The YouTube video above apparently was posted by a UK fan. I only linked to it as it was the clearest example of the Calipari action in question. If you’re overly sensitive to seeing the other team’s highlights, or are a Cardinal fan trying to forget Saturday’s loss, please don’t watch further.]


62 thoughts on “Calipari responds to Delk video

  1. I think you need to rethink your views on what transpired. First of all, there is a picture of Cousins getting kneed. Secondly, if Calipari should get penalized for getting ectied and vocal about a call that should've never have been mad on Bledso, then the same should be done with Patino. Face it, it was an emotional game on both sides of the court, so quit your whinning and quit trying to add to the drama that a lot fo others are trying to creat against UK.

  2. Crawford, not only does Calipari need to apologize you do too! How can you post this video link and not make any mention of the favoritism towards UK? Sadly, for whomever created the piece couldn't bleep out one of Lundquist's positive comment about a Cardinal.This video is a joke, I think it's called "Battle of the Bluegrass" or something like that? How about "UK's highlights of the game vs. L-ville"?

  3. Ericf, if you're down on the floor in a scrum and your knees are on the floor but your hands and arms aren't, and there's forces of othe peoples elbows and hands and legs acting on you in a way that you can't keep your balance, then just tell me where you're supposed to put your own weight? You put it where it lands, that's where. This was a floor scrum, not a premeditated deliberate unlawful act. On top of that, people see what they want to see. We all now know what you want to see in the scrum.davidm

  4. Ah, the biased days of the C-J are gleaming again. Brings be back to the Pat Forde days… No wonder I canceled my subscription.

  5. stu love what you said here….couldn't agree more….the courier journal at it's best….get a grip Crawford…your views are wayyyyy out of line!

  6. Eric, you summed up my thoughts exactly. I'm a Georgia Tech fan so I have no bias in this fight. How anyone could view Swopshire's knee as rightfully inciting Cousins is crazy.

  7. Does this surprise anyone? We all knew what kind of person Calipari is and the type of players he recruited at Memphis. He has brought his outlaw, headband hearing, punks to Lexington.Mem-Tucky Wildcats.UK fans are the biggest bunch of hypocrites. A few years ago they couldn't stand Cal & his players at Memphis…now they defend their actions.Pathetic.

  8. You are right on with your article Eric! Too bad UK fans are so desperate to win that they defend these kind of acts now. They never had players that were thugs before… and they were good players, Ron Mercer, Tony Delk, Walter McCarty, Antoine Walker, Jeff Sheppard, Mark Pope, Derrick Anderson, Nazh Mohammad…this list goes on.

  9. Since UK fans clearly will rationalize any actions by their players, I'm sure they'll now find some excuse for Cal threatening an opposing player. Cal is nothing but trash.

  10. Accurate and unbiased commentary, Eric. Keep up the good work despite what the folks with red or blue blinders say or write in response.

  11. Could Blog, Crawford…Any body who tries to say that what COusins did was accidental is retarded… COusins has said to the media that he was a nasty guy. And after the game he said that Louisville was going to be physical with him.It doesn't help that Denis Rodman Cousins stomped on the bird a few weeks ago during an "Open" practice and cameras caught that. For the last 10 years, the rivalry has been ok… and has had no flare ups… THen comes Cal… who decides to add some spice to it… by trying to schedule an OPEN practice in Freedom Hall not once before a game, but TWICE, to try to URK the Louisville faithful.Its ok though…LOL.. we ALL know how the Story with Cal ends… Its the same ending, time after time… LOL…

  12. My apologies for the video. I just posted the first thing I could get my hands on that had an example of the offending section.Frankly, I didn't even watch the whole thing. I assumed a U of L fan posted it, but I was less interested in how it was edited than giving people a chance to see what I was talking about.Sorry if anyone's sensitivities were offended, but really.Second — yeah, there's a picture with Swopshire's knee on Cousins' face. But the video doesn't convey that Cousins was the one initiating contact. Even after a video review, officials didn't call a foul. Anyone who has ever refereed a game knows that wasn't a foul. If a guy gets hurt diving onto another guy, you don't whistle the guy on the floor.Finally, for a UK fan to call me biased after I essentially gave Calipari the benefit of the doubt in this morning's paper (until we could get his side of it), is laughable.Anyway, I'll add a warning about the video link, and if anyone has a clean one without editorial input, I'll substitute it.But I've got other work to do besides making my own screen grab!

  13. Calipari is quickly turning high-class Kentucky into low-class Kenthugy. Barnhart made a deal with the Devil, and now the demons are coming home to roost at Rupp.

  14. Eric Crawford, with such a fantastic and noble last name (my last name is Crawford as well) I thought we (the Crawford's) had more sense than to write what appears to be obvious slanted opinion. Your take on Coach Cal and his "comments" whatever they might have been (the evidence is not clear enough to convict or overule either)is somewhat presumptious.What I am very concerned about is your obvious blind spot for Swophsires knee coming in contact with the side of Cousins head. Neither of the acts were examples of sportsmanship. Your defense of Swopshires knee to the side of the head is wrong. I completely understand that you are attempting to stay on Coach Pitinos good "side" (yeah right, no-one except Raplh Willard is on his good side right now) but you were and are wrong in your line of defense.Either man up and prosecute both, or defend both. This is not a matter of loyalty to one team or another…this is a matter of loyalty to right and wrong. Both were wrong and that is fact. Both were granted mercy by the officials – that is fact. You are sullying the Crawford name with your obvious slanted coverage – that is fact.The Crawford name deserves so much more than what you displayed in this article.

  15. The Swopshire knee was not intentional.Cousins elbow to his face was.UK fans just can't admit their new coach is nothing but scum…along with their players.

  16. As intense as this rivalry has been through the years, NEVER has there been a game like Saturday's! Like Coach, like players, I say!

  17. Is it just me or am I the only one to notice that Cousin's elbow swing was NOT (in my opinion) a rapid/jerked deliberate swing. Rather it was a somewhat slow swing as his elbow turned towards Swopshire's head (look at it again!). Also, when was the whistle blown? The ref's could have intervened sooner as well. Did Cousin's deserve a technical? Yes, but ejected? No way.

  18. I am a UNC fan, so my view is totally anti-UK (LOL). But I am also a realist. This is a terribly written column…and all of the others with this spin (including Kellogg's in game comments). First of all, run the video slowly and look what happens to Bledsoe on the initial screen…Delk drives him in the screen with a dirty forearm/elbow. Also, stop this video at 57 seconds and you will clearly see that Cousins was responding to a cheap shot. It's also interesting that no on has noted that Cousin's eblow was also the result of him swinging around for to jar the ball loose. I am not a fan, but Cal is absolutely right….UofL made the rules early and UK just played by their rules!Carolinafan

  19. I agree with everything except for the "physiological" analysis of the knee Cousin's took to the head. When you are on your back and trying to gain a position of strength over someone, you pivot sideways with your legs and try to turn to your stomach. If Swopshire was merely trying to get control of the ball, he would have been trying to turn over the ball, getting his body between him and Counsins. That knee comes up deliberately and with purpose. You also see that it immediately retracts after hitting Cousins, further pointing to it being a "strike" and not a natural reponse. Had Swopshire been trying to reach a fetal position, I believe the knee would have stayed there longer after striking Cousins and not immediately pulled back. At the end of the day, I think the refs made the right call. It was a heated scrum and all players were letting there emotions get the best of them. Had Cousins been ejected, there would be a lot more focus on the knee in the media. Interestingly enough, because he was not ejected, the (media) focus has been on the forearm.

  20. What some of the critics of your blog just don't seem to get is that a true man and veteran coach is supposed to live up to a higher standard of sportsmanship and ethics than his immature players. His behavior sets the tone for his players and fans. You make it obvious that you blame both sides for the tone of the game…. But that you expect Calipari to behave in a more sportsmanlike manor. Sadly, it's the rare individual that values sportsmanship along with ethical and moral behavior. I'm glad good journalists like you still expect others to follow a moral compass. You can pretty much tell the moral standards of your detractors by their defense of such behavior! And I am a UK fan, but I don't check in my moral compass when I watch a game.

  21. you idiot uk fans , yeah swop caught him with a knee, but all u guys are looking for is an excuse for your thug cousins , hell he shoves buckles under the basketball for no reason and cal doeslook at delk and say that. you can cry all you want about it being justified , but have u ever seen swop due that no! cousins last game against hartford had to be restrained, just admit its a dirty foul from a thug player, wall and patterson are class acts , but big cuz and cal and bledsoe are punks oh yeah patterson wasnt a cal recruit was he, congrats uk you got what you want and will justify as long as u are winning its sad

  22. Louisville came to play dirty and got it shoved right back at them. Now UL fans want to cry foul. Funny thing no one has mentioned all the times Patterson was shoved in the back, or had one of Louisville player pulling down on his shoulder when trying to rebound. Or all the hand checking by Louisville guards on Wall that was never called. Kentucky players didn't backdown or allow Louisville players to intimidate them, and that was Louisville's only chance to win.

  23. i mean its so funny to say that knee was on purpose, have any of you every been in a struggle for a ball, you get poked, kneed and more you dont roll over and press your forearm on some 120 lb guy , oh wait you do if you are a big thug, any sports writer would agree that was a heat of the moment scuffle but a forearm with force? keep making excuses for it,

  24. So are you saying it was ok for Pitino to have a thug-like game plan to begin with? Hopefully you are not suggesting that Pitino and his "choir-boy" history had no responsibility. Carolinafan

  25. you idiots , nobody is crying you can say all the pulling and grabbing orwhatever, you cant forearm somebody on purpose, you cant justify that. big cuz stomping on the bird should have warranted a steven van trese pop in the mouth or hard foul if thats the case you tards, then it would have been fair!

  26. what kind of gameplan can u exucute in 45 seconds, yeah they where all over them the rest of the way, but you have enough time to get a gameplan in 45 seconds when you have thugs

  27. "funny this never happened under tubby or billg g for godsake , cal= trash"I was waiting for this shallow-minded mentality. Do we really want to talk about things that never happened under Denny Crum? I use the term "under" with no pun intended!

  28. "what kind of gameplan can u exucute in 45 seconds"This is a quote from Pitino in the postgame:"The ugliness of the game was what we wanted"

  29. When I read something like this the first thing I look for is "whether the debate is one-sided or not" and it's clear which side of the fence you're blogging from. It's been said Cal was repeating some of what Delk said, it's been said Cal was mad and warning Delk, it's been said many of things but because the video is only a part of a sequence that's not complete, then how can you clearly make a decision that Cal is SO wrong? As for the elbow, if you look from the second angle from CBS's replays, you can clearly see that there wasn't that much contact and it looked more fierce than it was. IT WAS WRONG, no question. But not that severe and I think that's why Cousins wasn't tossed from the game. It's fine to be a Louisville fan but when you're in the position you are, then you should be more respectful of the words you choose because anyone who can read knows who you were rooting for and I'm so sorry they lost. But let's be realistic about it.

  30. "Cousins' forearm to Swopshire came AFTER the whistle and not only was deliberate, but sustained. "???Sustained? Watch the video…it lasted UNDER 1 second. Don't you think this is a little disingenuous?

  31. One last thought: If the U of L players were the "Bad M***er F***ers" they were chanting about in the entranceway before the game, then why would a little elbow mean so much to them? Surely Bad M.F.ers are up to that??? Sheesh!

  32. It was sustained. He didn't get right up. He plowed deeper into Swopshire. I was 15 feet away.As for my take on Calipari, I wrote in my column this morning that there was no evidence one way or the other. That U of L fans will think Cal said one thing and UK fans another.Then we questioned Calipari on it, and he didn't deny it.All I'm saying here is that IF he said those things, he needs to stand up and apologize.And everybody can move on.The whole Cousins-Delk-Swopshire thing is the kind of play you see in half the games you watch. Cousins could have been tossed. He wasn't. Delk could have been tossed. He wasn't. I'm glad they weren't.And I'm sorry, I can't come up with Swopshire's knee being intentional no matter how many times I watch the tape. To the writer who said you roll to the side to protect the ball, Cousins was approaching him from the side.Again, it's like the Zapruder tape, right? Back and to the left. Back and to the left?Moving along …

  33. It doesn't matter if he barely hit him or not, he threw the elbow, he should have been ejected. People take knees to the head on 95% of the loose balls in any basketball game. All you have to do is look at Cal's past teams and you can see the trend, just as clearly as the Final Fours being vacated. Hell one of his Memphis teams almost started a riot. Cousins is classless. Cal is classless. Memphis State Lexington Campus.

  34. "And I'm sorry, I can't come up with Swopshire's knee being intentional no matter how many times I watch the tape. To the writer who said you roll to the side to protect the ball, Cousins was approaching him from the side."There's an easy explanation for that, you're a Louisville….just as I am a UNC fan, and see things with a Carolina Blue bias. The major difference is that I'm not a journalist that is "supposed" to be writing with an unbiased opinion. In fact, the local news here in Raleigh/Durham have played it a number of times and every single time used the verbiage "relatiated" from a knee to the back of the head. They certainly do not have a dog in the fight and that is true unbiased journalism. Good luck getting a handle on that up there. Carolinafan!

  35. UK players pretended to urinate on the Cardinal logo in Freedom Hall weeks ago. Bledsoe can't shut his mush mouth even when being restrained by his coach. Calipari is threatening players on the opposing team. Cuz is throwing elbows in the grill of Swop. Stay classy UK. The only people dumb or blind enough to believe that Kentucky didn't instigate all of that mess are UK fans themselves, well, and one idiot pretending to be a Carolina fan above. Keep shouting at the top of your lungs girls, and maybe someone other than your own fanbase will believe you.UK = Memphis East

  36. "UK players pretended to urinate on the Cardinal logo in Freedom Hall weeks ago. Bledsoe can't shut his mush mouth even when being restrained by his coach. Calipari is threatening players on the opposing team. Cuz is throwing elbows in the grill of Swop. Stay classy UK. The only people dumb or blind enough to believe that Kentucky didn't instigate all of that mess are UK fans themselves, well, and one idiot pretending to be a Carolina fan above. Keep shouting at the top of your lungs girls, and maybe someone other than your own fanbase will believe you."Wow…speaking of classy posts!

  37. The years go on, but Kentucky fans never change. They sing the same chorus, year after year: "UK does no wrong; it's always the OTHER guy's fault…" Reminds me of my 3-year-old daughter, now that I think about it.Has a Kentucky fan EVER been willing to admit ANY fault of ANY of its own players, coaches or any personnel? In ANY game? Any foul? Any careless turnover? Any mistake at all? I have yet to hear one admit that it's possible.It would be funny if it weren't so pathetically immature.Good article, Eric Crawford. Thanks for writing it.

  38. Its amazing how UK fans think the whole entire sports world is wrong about what happened and they are right. I guess that's easier than facing facts about their team, coach and program.

  39. Getting kneed while scrambling for a loose ball can happen unintentionally. After whistle blows and the man on top squarely looks at the man on the bottom in the eye and pulls a move that I have only seen in UFC fights is something totally different. Today I lost all respect for UK the university, players, coaching staff, and the fans. Notice I say lost "all" due to the fact that some respect was already vanished from other things that have transpired in the past. The biggest lost of respect was to the refs during that game. I will never understand how 3 grown men who are professionals and are very experienced at what they do can go to the replay and still not throw Cousins out of the game. No matter what happened it was an emotional visit to Rupp and sparks are known to fly during rivalry games, but this was too much. I am a true believer in karma and what goes around comes around. Cousins will get his whether its an injury or he leaves after this year enters the NBA and gets alot of money added to the attitude he has and we see on SC one day that he was arrested for something he shouldnt have been doing. As far as Cal goes for saying what he said to Delk did anyone really expect different from the man? He is a sleeze ball and is supposed to show an example for his players. He did show how to lose control and his players will do the same in life and never become more than sleeze ball punks. For anyone who is expecting a suspension, fine, or even a talking to is completely dumb. Its UK the creators of the holy college basketball bible. The NCAA wont do anything. The SEC? You should know better. The UK admin? Yeah right they are undefeated and looking to go into the tourney as a 1 or 2 seed. Mitch isnt going to do or say anything as long as the team is winning. If UK wins it all this year then that means UK bought a title for $30 million and spent the millions on sleeze balls and head band wearing PUNKS. Its ok everyone because it will be the largest amount of money spent on a title that will only be taken away in the future.

  40. poor innocent Delk, I am sure he didnt say anything, I hope he isnt emotionally scarred from this unprovoked verbal attack by big bad UK, you ever think maybe the camera was not on Delk (it was on UK as usual) so you dont have a clue what he had said or done, also supposedly Sosa was acting like an idiot in front of the UK crowd while the whole thing went down, but alas we didnt see that either on camera.

  41. Eric, there were witnesses. Antigua, Strickland, Bledsoe. Good luck getting confirmation from them. Ah, but Delk. Why has no one asked Delk? If Cal yelled at him, particularly about kicking his ass after the game, he'd remember sure enough. And don't you think he'd like to share his account of events, if someone only asked him?Go ahead, ask him. Let's not let the story end with an "I don't know" from Cal and a reluctance to pursue from reporters. Sounds like a job for Bozich. He loves the seamy underbelly.

  42. First let me preference my comment by saying I am both a U of L and U of K fan and graduated from U oL undergraduate and graduate schools. The physical tone for this game was set early and repeatedly by the cards as follows: Game clock 19:52 Delk brutally crushes Bledsoe between himself and Samuels.19:43 Delk shoves off of Miller's throat…..yes..Throat!19:40 Swopshire throws illegal moving pick (left shoulder) into Ramon Harris (no foul)19:38 Swopshire throws similar illegal moving pick into Miller (foul called….. on Miller!!)And finally the lightly regarded Swopshire knee to the face followed by the infamous Cousins forearm.U of L was right to come into Rupp and flex some muscle as they did early on and not back down However; for them, or their fans to not expect a response is naive. And for Eric Crawford to claim the blow was sustained is ridiculous. Watching the video that he submitted with HIS article clearly reveals the entire forearm contact occurred while 0:59 was displayed on the video player clock. Furthermore, Dr. Crawford?? is not qualified to render forensic diagnoses ("cut his air off to his throat"). Another error is his assumption that Cousins dove on top of Swopshire. Clearly in the video Cousins is on his knees and prone on the floor before Swopshire is. Maybe it is this determination of all Americans diving on the floor for loose balls that makes U of K undefeated and U of L disappointing to me this season.

  43. Eric Crawford — it does not matter how much you try to defend what you wrote in your article it is still obvious that you are on Louisville's side. Also, it is not normal to take a knee to the head when scrambling for a loose ball. I really don't think that Coach Cal was yelling threats to another player. It makes more sense to me that he was telling the ref what Delk said. He does have class. He pleaded with the UK fans not to yell things or make signs regarding Rick Pitino which shows class. He could have let the fans say what they wanted and bring any sign in that they wanted but he did not. Quit crying about Louisville losing. Rick Pitino admitted himself that he told his players to play hard and rough. What did he expect us to do? Just sit back and let them play as rough as they wanted. That does not make any sense. I'd talk about the morals that coaches have. I guess Louisville thinks that you have morals if you have sex on the table of a restaurant (where people eat by the way) with someone who is not your spouse. That is not having morals where I come from. People who live in stone houses should not throw stones. If you cannot be bias when you are writing your articles then you need to quit writing. Jealousy is not pretty as you can see here. It's okay when Louisville wins but if UK wins then something wrong happened. I saw several times when Louisville players were playing rough but noone says anything about that. Grow up. You need to stick to your job of writing the facts and leave your opinions out of it.

  44. Lisa-Do you understand the meaning and proper usage of the words bias and biased? Also, if people in stone houses were throwing stones, there would be little to no consequences.Eric-Good post.

  45. facts are facts: Kentucky has a ton more talent than Louisville, Kentucky played a dirty game, John Calipari threatened a Louisville player, Cousins elbowed a player in the head deliberately and should have been kicked out of the game. Oh yea, Patrick Patterson bricked a dunk hahah

  46. UK Fans… Who cares what transpired in the game… If you want to know when all of the HEAT was added to this rivalry… look no further than a month ago when Cal decided to have an impromptu practice in Freedom Hall. Because the Practice was promoted on the Radio, it was cancelled via NCAA rules regulations.Cal then decided to have an UN-promoted, WORD of mouth open practice in Freedom Hall before UK's game against UNC Ashville. At the start of the practice, Patterson, Cousins, and Harrellson (Scrub of Scrubs, MR. Division 2 Juco) jumped on the Cardinal Bird. John Wall started to, but was restrained.. Cal NEVER apologized, all he said was that players do STUPID THINGS, and left it at that. John Calipari is like the UK equivalent of Lane Kiffin. He wants to teach intimidation and not backing down and instigation to his players… not class…He likes to send messages…well the message has been received…DOn't know what will happen next year, but I can only hope and DREAM that COusins will be there, so that we can tear him two, on the court…And remember UK fans, what goes around, comes around.This could have been an honorable game… but your players had to stomp on the bird…

  47. Delk was being an ass. He is nothing like his uncle. And what about went in the tunnel? Calling "mother****ers" to UK players?Get over it.

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  49. As I sit here and read these comments, I see a lot of jealous L'ville fans. Coach Cal has done a great job with the KY program in a short period of time. I say L'ville fans are jealous because they see their program going down hill because a great coach did some stupid things. I'm a Slick Rick fan for what he did for UK, but not now. Fans down grade Coach Cal for his record which is clean as far as the NCAA is concerned. His Players are no more thugs than the ones at L'ville. Rick made the statement that they wanted to play this game "dirty" and that's what they tried to do, only problem they had was the Cats didn't back down and the ref's kept it in check fairly good. Bird fans go ahead and say what you want about the Wildcats, but just remember they have a winning record against the Birds and Coach Cal hasn't had to go to court for lewd conduct with a pig on a table in a eating place.

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