DeMarcus Cousins: SEC player of the week

A U of L fan asked me after Saturday’s game whether the SEC would suspend DeMarcus Cousins for his forearm to Jared Swopshire of University of Louisville.

“Suspend him?” I said. “They’ll probably name him player of the week.”

Today, Cousins was named SEC player of the week.

Beyond the forearm, his 18-point, 18-rebound performance was the real deal. I’ve seen plenty of guys like Cousins, from an attitude standpoint. As he matures, he’s going to be something else.

Hopefully, he can subdue his inner Rasheed Wallace.


20 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins: SEC player of the week

  1. Hey Eric. You act about as stupid as your profile picture. Can you not get off the Kentucky Wildcats balls????????? Demarcus Cousins had every right to do that to FLOPSHIRE. Open your eye MR Sportscolunmnist and write about the real team. You remind me of Rick Bozo.

  2. Oh please! Get off your high horse. Even if Coach Cal said to "…kick his ass after the game…" so what? If you're so naive to think that coaches don't – or shouldn't – exchange a trash-talk response in the heat of the moment to dial-down an explosive situation, then perhaps you should move over to the Lifestyles and Garden section of the Courier. I thought Coach Cal handled it appropriately considering all of the media rivalry hype these young – and I do mean young – college players have had to endure leading up to the game.

  3. Calamari should go back to Memphis where the thugs are not noticed so much. Take he Cousin with him. This happens every time in Rupp. Seems the officials are afraid to go againt the crowd

  4. Thug of the week…are you kidding me?? What do you call Louisville players???? hahah You should name your new arena the Jail!!!!KY BEAT THAT ASS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH QUIT WHINNING. GO TO PORCHINIS!!!!!

  5. open you eyes Eric…no literally open them…you look like the sun is taking your picture. What a biased opinion you have on this article. If you don't like Pitino Jr and his thugs why don't you go write elsewhere. Take your brother with you while your at it. I canceled by CJ subscription because I couldn't take looking at you every morning.

  6. Hey Shelbord-Let's see how many more misspellings you can cram into one post.whinning? Porchinis?I need an Appalachian dictionary to decipher your nonsense.

  7. Hey Todd. Im at your wifes house and she caused me to mispell any her pretty little Sebastion telfair Dream jersey!! hahahahaAccording to, Rick Pitino is insisting the new arena downtown have a cardboard floor instead of hardwood. His reasoning, "We sure do look a lot better on paper!!!"Hey Todd…you and mr crawford friends??? YOu both look the same! open your eyes weasels!

  8. Louiville came in with a chip on there shoulder. They started it from the pre-game warm ups. SO THEY PICKED THE WRONG BUNCH OF WILDCATS TOO MESS WITH. Look at the replay cousins was KNEED IN THE HEAD DURING THE PLAY!!!! YA DONT LIKE WHAT YA GOT THEN DONT PLAY LIKE PUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAVID AKINS WILDCAT FOREVER

  9. I cant spell today because I have been hanging out with Karen Sypher to much latley. Your a moron too and so is youre wife!!!! hahahaCan you spell KENTUCKY 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS????Your a dooshe…felt good to beat that louisville ass this year. Good luck next. hahahahahaha

  10. Wow, Shelbord might be the dumbest person in the world. He proves the old "Kentucky fans are the biggest idiots on the planet" stereotype perfect.

  11. Hey, to scared to post your name??? awwww poor thing You have been on break from Kroger long enough…time to go back and stock bread with ole Brandon Bender. -Typical UL graduates!! You must be one. lolGo cats..beat that ass this year!! hahahahhahahahaahahhahaaaaaa

  12. Lets TALK THUGS LOUISVILLE FAN!!* Rod Council- Robbed a store with an UZI!!*Willie Williams-Known Felon & kicked off of U's football team only to be recruited by your A.D*Breno Giacomini- had several drinks and decided to put the city of Louisville in danger by driving*Montrell Jones-This kid was actually kicked off of Tenn. football team for Thugery!! Guess where he ended up.* Chris Vaugh&Scott Long-Drive by shooting with paint guns and placed a poor ol women in Hospital..THUGS!!*Mario Urritia- This THUG only was arrersted for menacing a police officer* Jerry receding hairline Smith and "dont taze me bro" Jennings. Resisting arrest..THUGS* CLASS* Pitino table for 2. I think we know the rest.Who exactly is the THUGS here

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