Five Interesting Things

1). How many fans greeted the Indianapolis Colts when they arrived back home via charter flight? The Indianapolis Star was there and counted. The grand total was 11 fans. []

2). Saints quarterback Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton could be the first player and coach to complete the Super Bowl-Kentucky Derby double. They’re part owners of Daddy Forty Nine, a promising 3-year-old gelding who is being pointed toward the Louisiana Derby. Also in the ownership group — signer-songwriter-author Jimmy Buffett. Which begs the question, if Margaritaville collided with the Kentucky Derby, could anyone survive? Or at least wake up on Sunday. [USA Today]

3). The Cleveland Cavaliers have removed all the water fountains from Quicken Loans Arena. They say it is to protect fans from the H1N1 virus. And nothing protects fans like $4 bottled H2O from the concession stands. (It should be noted, fans can stand in line and get a 9-ounce cup of water for free. Still, health experts are scratching their heads over the move and some fans are puzzled over the standing-in-line issue). [Associated Press reports]

4). Front-page news? If you’d like to see how papers around the nation played the Super Bowl on their front pages, the following link will take you to a nice collection of them. My thought — any layout including the Brees baby was A-OK. Not OK was the Virginian-Pilot’s reversing the score in a lead-in line. You’ll see that, too, if you scroll down. [Charles Apple blog]

5). Knight a no-show? Larry Vaught of the Danville Advocate says Bob Knight won’t be in attendance when ESPN’s College GameDay rolls into Rupp Arena in front of the largest crowd in its history this weekend. Vaught says ESPN is claiming a scheduling conflict. He suspects a flanking maneuver by the general. After Knight’s comments about John Calipari a while back, you wonder how Calipari, who brushed the criticism aside at the time, would feel about having Knight in the house. There have been some ruffled feathers between UK and ESPN over those comments and others (Jemelle Hill, Charles Manson). Still, it’s a strange call. More to come on this. [Vaught’s Views]


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