Tears for Tiger? Really?

Further proof that a lot of these sports networks are just too closely aligned with the people they cover. I agree that it was probably tough for Tiger Woods to get up and say what he said today — not as tough as it will be when he faces the inevitable questions.

Anyway, the following is Charlie Rymer of The Golf Channel actually choking up at Tiger’s reading of his prepared statement before a hand-picked media contingent today.

I’m going to grant that this is a tough subject for sports people, or anybody, to cover. At the same time, anybody who says that what Tiger did is unusual for high-profile athletes is fooling himself (or herself). I’m not saying it’s the norm. I’m saying that there are stories out there that would be just as sordid (even if the athlete isn’t as high-profile).

So in some ways, I feel like we’ve all gawked long enough at this train wreck and can move on, and in fact Woods at some point needs to move on, take questions, and get on about his business, whatever that is going to be.

But it’s not for me to say what he should do, or anyone else, and in the end, whatever he decides is fine by me. It’s his life.

And in fact, where this particular aspect of Woods is involved, it is not a spectator sport.

All of which leads into this video, and one last observation: Woods is no victim, and he’s no hero. I’m put off by anyone who wants to overplay his suffering — or any angle of “courage” by getting up and saying what he did today.


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