Sunday reading: Five Interesting Things

1). The best Tiger take yet. I like what Jason Whitlock has to say, because it comes from the perspective of a Tiger Woods supporter who has serious concerns about him, and not someone with some kind of exterior agenda regarding all the issues involved. [Kansas City Star]

2). Some bonus takes on Tiger.

Ed Graney says Tiger cheated on his wife, not on us.
Bill Rhoden says Tiger has had his say, now the conversation should change.
Randy Galloway examines the presidential nature of Tiger’s address

3). When newspapers and colleges feud. People get hurt. People get hurt. And so do newspapers. The Boston Herald hasn’t been staffing Northeastern’s record-breaking men’s basketball season because of a spat. It says Northeastern didn’t alert it to a press conference announcing the disbanding of the football program. Whatever. It’s usually not a good idea to deprive your readers of a story to make a point. [The Huntington News]
4). Johnny Weir not invited to gala. Yahoo! Sports is reporting that American figure skater Johnny Weir is not among those invited to perform at the Olympic Gala exhibition on Saturday. He finished sixth in men’s figure skating, so I guess it’s not out of the ordinary that he wouldn’t be invited. But given that he should’ve finished higher, it’s a sad omission. For anyone who thinks he has not paid a price for his flamboyance in this sport, think again. He has deserved more respect than he’s gotten not only throughout these Games, but throughout his career. [Yahoo! Sports]

5). Extracurricular. Non-sports, but a brilliant column pointing out something that I’ve felt from time to time in the world of sports. To some people, facts no longer matter. I’m not thinking of one particular political side or the other in posting this. Frankly, I think you can find plenty of examples on both sides, on a variety of topics. I just thought this was well put. [Leonard Pitts]


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