The voice behind Bode Miller

I know what is missing from my work now. I need a guy like Baby Huey. If you watched Bode Miller win his men’s super combined gold medal in the Olympics, you heard a deep, booming voice before he left the start house.

“Come on Bode Miller! Do this thing!”

Click the video above and you’ll hear him screaming at Miller in the start house.

You’ll hear him with some other U.S. skiers, too. He’s there on purpose. His name is Pete Lavin, and he’s the team motivator. They call him “Baby Huey,” but there’s nothing small about him. He’s 6-4, 275 pounds, and his presence is huge for U.S. skiers.

It’s a great story, and you can read NBC’s feature on him here.

Now, you might ask, why does a skier need somebody like that screaming at him in the start house? I have a simple answer.

Have you ever seen the mountains these guys are skiing down? I’m surprised they don’t have somebody holding a gun on them.

But I’m going to look into getting one these guys of my own. “COME ON ERIC CRAWFORD! WRITE THAT CRAP! LET’S DO THIS!”

Or, I can just wait until my deadline has passed, and I’m sure somebody on the C-J sports desk will be perfectly happy to do it for me.


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