ESPN: U of L's Samuels to hire an agent’s Pat Forde is reporting that U of L center Samardo Samuels will remain in the NBA Draft and hire an agent.

He’d better hope it’s a good one.

Samuels is a good kid who has worked hard to get as far as he has. I hope it works out for him.

But right now it looks like he’s trying to take a short cut. The problem is, the NBA Draft is no place for cutting corners.

It’s worth noting that we don’t know a lot of the external factors that go into these decisions, the family or financial considerations, the personal considerations. We shouldn’t lose sight of that.

But I have to question how much Samuels or his advisers know about this process. I can’t find a reputable mock draft that includes him. I can understand the move if he’s just fed up with playing college basketball. But unless this decision is better than it looks on its surface, you have to wonder what kind of future he’s leaving himself in the game.

TOMORROW on the blog: More on Samuels, and how his NBA decision will affect the Cardinals.


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