— John Wall vs. Derrick Rose, which projects former University of Kentucky star John Wall as the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft, takes on the question of whether Wall can be another Derrick Rose, comparing the games of the two Calipari guards in this interesting piece (accompanied with the nice photo illustration to the right.)

I’ll let their story speak for itself, but writer Adi Joseph does a thorough job of putting the Wall and Rose picks into perspective, and offering contrasts.

An excerpt:

But these are two different players. Wall dominates with his speed. Rarely can one find a player who operates at such a high level while running at full speed. No one can catch this kid on a break, and he may instantly become the fastest player in the NBA, at least with the ball. More impressive, he keeps his peripheral vision broad and is a brilliant passer in the open court.

He’s longer and taller than any player who could hope to stay in front of him, and when he is challenged, he generally can simply leap over an opponent. There’s no doubting Wall’s natural ability. To be precise, Wall can unquestionably do things Rose simply can’t.

But Rose was a more polished player coming out of college. While he’s got a lot to learn at the defensive end, he’s always seemed more interested in it than his younger counterpart. His turnover rate was significantly lower than Wall’s, and he operates much more effectively in a half-court set. The NBA is speeding up again, but the remnants of the 1990s remain. You can’t win a title on the fast break.

Read the full story here.


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