Calipari knocks down NBA rumors. Again.

University of Kentucky coach John Calipari has Tweeted it, but today at the Southeastern Conference meetings in Destin, Fla., he looked reporters in the eye and said it again — he’s staying at UK.

The question was put to him, “Have you had to deal with the NBA rumors on the recruiting trail?”

Calipari’s response:

“I didn’t deal with it because I made my statement. The only people that seemed to not believe me were you guys (reporters). I said I’m going to be at Kentucky next year. I don’t need to say anything else.”

As for recruits, he said they weren’t waiting on his NBA decision to make a call for Kentucky, they were waiting to make sure some of UK’s departures were really going.

“Again, with some of the recruits that were available late, kids are starting to do that now, the last couple of years — they want to wait. Now you understand why they’re waiting — to see who goes pro. they want to go here but they want to make sure that goes pro. The minute he goes pro, they make their choice. That’s what’s happened to a lot of kids now.”

Read a full report on Calipari’s brief comments from the SEC meetings in tomorrow’s Courier-Journal.


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