Video: Dan McDonnell Big East ejection

Haven’t done too much with this, because I’ve been working on other things, and colleague Rick Bozich will be handling duties for the University of Louisville’s NCAA regional baseball appearance.

But thanks to the blog for providing the following video. U of L coach Dan McDonnell received a three-game suspension for this outburst at umpires in the Big East Tournament. The interesting thing to note in this viedo, however, is that the situation with McDonnell and the umpires appears to have concluded, two umps had walked McDonnell back to the dugout and he’d gone inside, when he came bolting out again.

And the question I have, and the one nobody has addressed, is what was said that brought McDonnell back out of the dugout?

I’m not excusing McDonnell’s outburst. And he has apologized for it and been contrite while discussing it. You’re not going to hear him say anything about these umps. No use turning a bunch of umpires against you.

But something had to have been said that brought him sprinting back out of the dugout. Watch the video for yourself.


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