Tuesday Morning Briefing: Expansion talk

Not much time to put together the briefing because I’ve been on the job this morning. Spoke to U of L athletic director Tom Jurich for an update on how the expansion prospects look now that all of the action seems to have shifted, at least for the time being, from the Big East to the midwest and west, with the Pac 10 and Big Ten seemingly having the Big 12 under the gun.

“Well, at least we’re not the first story on the news now,” Jurich said, while also noting that though the Big East for the moment is out of sight in expansion ramifications, it is not out of mind. “I don’t think we’re out of any woods, no.”

You can read more about conference expansion and some more of his thoughts in my column tomorrow.

Along the conference expansion lines, The New York Times reported this morning that the whole shooting match centers around what Notre Dame will do. [Read it here.]

Of course, you could have read in an entry on this very blog on April 20 of this year. Just saying.

Apologies for the abbreviated briefing today. We’ll be back with more throughout the afternoon. Keep coming back. As they used to say in my hometown, “We may not have what you want, but you can double-park to look for it.”

And Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel, as he often does, has written the most perceptive opinion piece on conference expansion to date. [Read it here]

Best story of the day? This Deadspin piece on Pete Rose’s corked bats reads like a sports memorabilia detective tale. Well worth the click.


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