NBA Draft Night with the C-J

I’ll be blogging live through the first round of tonight’s NBA Draft, taking a pick-by-pick look. Why? Well, there’s nothing else on, really.

And because I like to watch “experts” spend a whole lot of money on bad decisions.

Take a look at some of the No. 1 picks in the past decade.

Consider this: Since 1985, only THREE top picks have managed to play for an NBA champion at any point in their careers. Can you name them? Answers below.

Dwight Howard and Lebron James are working hard to add to that number, but it displays a problem with being the No. 1 pick that John Wall will experience immediately.

Great salary. Crappy team.

Wall’s walking into a tough situation. That’ll be the topic of my column tomorrow.

But tonight, we watch and react. Check back early and often for more Draft nuggets.

Also, check the Twitter feed to the right for Twitter updates throughout the Draft, or follow me on Twitter here.

7:20 P.M.: John Wall tells ESPN of his discussions with Lebron James on going into a tough situation as a No. 1 pick. James’ advice to him: “Basically just stay level,” Wall told ESPN’s Heather Cox. “You know it’s going to be a tough time. And like he said, Don’t try to go in and live up to all the hype. Just go in and play basketball and enjoy every moment that you get a chance to play.”


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