Bledsoe goes 18th to Oklahoma City

Eric Bledsoe set a University of Kentucky record when he became the 18th overall pick in the NBA Draft by Oklahoma City tonight.

Bledsoe became the fourth UK player taken in the first round, a new school record. UK becomes just the fourth school to have four first-round picks — Duke, North Carolina and Connecticut were the others. No school has ever had five, and UK has a chance with Daniel Orton a possible first-rounder.

Bledsoe played in the shadow of John Wall, but the talented freshman gained steam as the season went on and NBA scouts liked his physical strength, speed and ability to score.

Now, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas says he’ll have to prove he can play the point.

“The big question mark is his ability to play the point,” Bilas said. “At 6-1 he’s going to have to transition over to the point.”

Oklahoma City is a good spot for Bledsoe — if he stays. It’s an up-and-coming squad that gave the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers all they wanted in the playoffs. But word is Oklahoma City may be shipping him to the L.A. Clippers.


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