Donovan's goal: Coast-to-coast celebration

Last Friday morning, about 7.5 million people in the U.S. somehow cheated their way out of work and found a way to watch the U.S. nip Algeria in extra time to reach the knockout round of the World Cup in South Africa.

That’s not counting the hundreds of thousands watching in sports bars like the video below. Or the more than 1 million unique viewers (a record) watching the match online on

It’s an amazing number when you consider it’s a weekday morning.

And some further perspective on World Cup viewership. The U.S. Open golf tournament drew an average of 10 million or so viewers in prime time on Sunday night. The U.S.-England World Cup opener drew 17.5 million viewers. The U.S.’s three World Cup matches so far have averaged 11.1 million viewers, despite their morning kickoffs. (That’s the same number, by the way, who watched the season finale of ‘Glee,’ just for an entertainment perspective, and doesn’t include those who watched the games in public forums.)

And there may be bigger numbers to come if the U.S. can put a run together in the quarterfinals against Ghana.

Enjoy the video.


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