Tragic story on Clifford Rozier

Not much more to say about this except that it’s a great piece of writing and reporting from Chad Anderson of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, and a heartbreaking story about former University of Louisville center Cliff Rozier.

A quick excerpt:

THE ONLY NBA player from Manatee County once lived in a $1.2 million home near a canyon in northern California.

It had six bedrooms, a guest house by the pool, a Mercedes in the driveway and a closet full of thousand-dollar suits and snakeskin shoes.

The Southeast High grad was 23 and making so much money he would hand out $100 bills to needy strangers on the street.

Rozier is 37 now, essentially broke and on heavy medication for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

He is a recovering crack addict who spent five years wandering the streets, sometimes carrying a pistol, often hearing voices. Voices telling him to jump in front of cars, confront police so they would shoot him, or jump from a building to see if he could fly.

After spending time in jail cells and psychiatric wards, Rozier lives in a Bradenton halfway house with nine other men. He likes it there, likes the structure and familial feeling the house provides.

“Ain’t nobody heard from me in almost 10 years,” Rozier says as he sits on the cement porch, smoking a cigarette. “I don’t go nowhere. I keep to myself. I want to stay here.”

Click the link for the full story.


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