The Hot Read: Back on the clock

My vacation is officially over, which means it’s time to catch up on a little college football news. We’re moving into that week when you can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. The annual Governor’s Cup banquet is tonight, and the press conference featuring U of L coach Charlie Strong and UK coach Joker Phillips is tomorrow. Time to start fastening the chinstraps.

More Big Ten expansion rumblings

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney told Lenn Robbins of the New York Post that the New York-to-Washington D.C. corridor is vitally important. Excerpts from the Robbins piece, written from a telephone interview with Delaney. Read the piece here.

“Anyone who forgets that forgets at their peril. It’s the center, it has been the center of media activity for a hundred years. It’s the center of financial activity and it has been that way for 150 years. To me it’s sort of where a lot of things start in the county.”


“For us it’s important. We haven’t been there except through Penn State. Our teams play in the Garden. They play in the Meadowlands. They play teams out East. They play in the NIT. They play in the ACC.

“I consider the East Coast to be as important to us as the West Coast is even though the West Coast has got the Rose Bowl and the Big Ten-Pac-10 relationship,” Delany added. “And it’s so because of the recruitment of students, the recruitment of athletes, the size and scope of the markets. I hope it becomes more important.”

Translation: The Big East isn’t out of the woods yet. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any reaction from Big East coaches or officials at their annual media day in Newport, R.I., next week. The Big Ten’s media day is late next week in Chicago.

Kragthorpe resigns at Texas A&M

Steve Kragthorpe, when leaving the University of Louisville, cited some health concerns for his wife as a reason for leaving the city and moving back to Tulsa immediately. Now Kragthorpe has cited an undisclosed family health matter as his reason for an abrupt resignation as wide receiers coach at Texas A&M.

Here’s wishing Kragthorpe the best in whatever matter his family is facing. I’m sure he’d like to have gotten back onto the sideline soon to begin to move past the struggles he encountered in Louisville. In announcing Troy Walters as Kragthorpe’s replacement, Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman told the Dallas Morning News: ““Steve and I sat down and discussed his situation. I wanted to try to make it work where he could come back this season once the family health issues were resolved. Ultimately, he felt his wife Cynthia, and his three boys, required his undivided attention and I respect him for that. Steve is not only an excellent coach, but he is an even better person. We will keep him and his family in our prayers.”

A blog bites the dust

One of the more interesting college football sites started up recently was The Bylaw Blog, purportedly published by an anonymous college compliance director and dedicated to college sports rules issues and how the rules applied to topics in the news.

But the blog is no more after another blogger, at “Every Night Should Be Saturday Night,” did some digging and revealed the identity of the Bylaw Blogger. In the wake of that, the Bylaw Blog has been taken down, to the frustration of many (as you can read in the comments section of the post that outed the blogger).

You can read the post that revleaed the Bylaw Blogger’s identity here. You can’t read the Bylaw Blog. It is no more.

It’s a shame. I think the blog provided an interesting service that you weren’t getting elsewhere. There’s a long history of anonymous publishing in this country. While I think that newspapers ought to make story commenters and writers of letters to the editor disclose their identities, I appreciate why they don’t, and respect the fact that anonymous publication is protected in this country.

Maurice Clarett goes back to school

Word out of Columbus is that former Ohio State star running back Maurice Clarett has enrolled in school and will begin attending classes in the second semester. [Read it here] Clarett served 3 1/2 years in jail on weapons charges. He has stood for a long time as a symbol of what can go wrong with coddled athlete syndrome. You hope maybe in this attempt, he’ll make good on a chance of making things right.

“This is a surreal feeling to be back at Ohio State in such a supportive environment,” Clarett said in a statement. “I have looked forward to being back in school and I’m doing my best to fit in with other students. I don’t want to be a distraction or nuisance to the football team or to students on campus.”

Pac 10 reinvents itself

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples checks in with a solid piece on the Pac 10’s efforts to rebrand itself and spread its football East of the Mississippi (in how it deals with broadcast rights, not in literally adding teams East of the Mississippi — yet.)

Read Staples’ piece and see the new Pac 10 logo here.


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