Brown is in. What about Dorsey and Campbell?

Charlie Strong confirmed this morning that 4-star quarterback prospect Dominique Brown out of Cincinnati Winton Woods High School has qualified and will report to camp at U of L this week.

But there’s more than that. Strong said he’ll keep Brown at QB, and he will immediately enter the mix to compete for the job this fall.

Strong had previously said he wanted to have a starter named before camp started, but acknowledged today that he won’t.

“We wanted to get that done but we just didn’t get there,” Strong said. “The big thing with the quarterback position is leadership. Who can give us that quality, that’s what we’re looking for right now.”

Strong said that the position will remain open into the start of practice, but that it “won’t take long” for him to settle on the No. 1 guy.

It’s pretty unlikely that it would be Brown, but clearly Strong wants to take a good look at him.

Interestingly, I talked a little about the offense with guard Mark Wetterer.

“It’s really fast-paced,” Wetterer said. “I mean, the last couple of years if you look at it, we ran a pretty slow-paced attack. It’s a lot different blocking in this offense. There’s no sitting back in the pocket and blocking your man for five or six seconds. The quarterback gets the ball and it’s gone. From that standpoint, I’m really looking forward to it.”


With Brown’s situation settled, attention now turns to nationally prominent defensive back prospect Demar Dorsey and USC linebacker Jordan Campbell.

Strong, at Big East Media Day today, said of Campbell, “he has just got to get some things worked out where he is right now.”

With academic and privacy issues, it’s hard to get at what’s going on, but it would appear Campbell just needs to tie up some loose ends academically at USC before moving on.

With academic issues, it’s tough to assign a number in terms of likelihood that it will get done.

If I had to make a prediction, I’d say that Campbell winds up making it.

Dorsey, as far as I can tell, is purely in the realm of coach’s decision, and Strong clearly is taking his time with it. Dorsey had a couple of arrests several years ago, and was not accepted at Michigan, though he’d have been the team’s top-ranked prospects and one of the top prospects in the Big Ten.

People around the program are still saying “50-50” where Dorsey is concerned. The problem is that there’s only one guy who can lay reliable odds on that — Strong — and he’s not saying.

By any measure, Dorsey remains too close to call. The waiting continues.


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