Greetings from Newport

Getting ready to go into the Big East Conference media day in Newport, R.I.

Athletic directors met this morning, got a bowl update, some news on the league’s television and radio packages, and an update on conference expansion which I’ll try to get a little info on in a bit.

Spent a little time at the University of Louisville table at last night’s clambake. A couple of interesting notes.

First-year coach Charlie Strong is always coaching. When someone was struggling with his lobster, Strong jumped right in, “No, no, you crack it like this, right there. See? No. That’s not, you … there’s more in there.”

Also, when the tables filled up, athletic director Tom Jurich and several others from U of L and elsewhere wandered over to the steps of the Eisenhower House and ate dinner there. By the time I wandered over there, they were telling everybody who walked up, “This is the skybox.”

Waitresses were making regular rounds over there.

The preseason picks are out. As expected, U of L was picked to finish last in a vote of Big East media. Pittsburgh was picked to win the league.

More actual football news to come soon.

I’ll post any significant news I come across on my Twitter account. You can follow that in the window to the right, or by going to and clicking “Follow.” You can also follow me on Facebook by clicking here.


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