WHAS: Cars vandalized in wake of rivalry


WHAS reported at 6 that 39 cars were vandalized around Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium last night following the University of Kentucky’s 23-16 win in the annual rivalry game against the University of Louisville.

See the report here. (And given that this is a TV story, I should mention those oft-repeated TV words, “More at 11.”)

Also, a brief update here from The C-J.

The lots were near Betty Johnson Hall. Damage included slashed tires and “UK wins” scratched into the paint. They do have surveillance video of a guy in the parking lots, as the WHAS video shows.

It continues a series of emails and calls I’ve experienced today (hadn’t heard about the vandalism) from fans on both sides complaining of drunken fans, fights, loud cursing and other bad public behavior marring the game for them.

And while the vast majority of fans at every game are there enjoying themselves and causing no problems, this other behavior also has become par for the course at most sporting events. You can’t take your kids unless you want to give them a vocabulary lesson. You have to deal with people trash talking each other and, occasionally, having them come to blows around you.

Not sure of the solution for this. Banning alcohol sales only moves the drinking into tailgating areas. People are still going to do it. It’s everywhere in sports, and it’s one of the things (along with HD resolution and the rising cost of attendance) that is making staying home and watching a more attractive option for many fans. That’s a shame.


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