Chane reaction: What it means for U of L

Recruiting is one-third momentum.

I just made that up. But it could be true. Nobody has managed momentum better in the last several years than John Calipari. It was, I believe, Confederate general Stonewall Jackson who first and best used momentum to his advantage, believing that a larger force could be overcome if, once it is on the run, it is continually pursued and the attack never lets up.

Cal has not been letting up on anyone. (Yes, I did it. I just compared Calipari to a famous Civil War general. It’s a blog. Humor me.)

Yet University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino seems to be regathering his forces to blunt some of that momentum. That’s what today’s commitment from 5-star forward Chane Behanan of Bowling Green is about.

Calipari still has a stable of prep All-Americans over at UK. Not getting Behanan doesn’t hurt him. Except that it does represent a first-tier player in his home state going elsewhere, with that elsewhere being Pitino and U of L.

It’s not the head-to-head hype fest that Marquis Teague was. Still, it’s a much-needed sign of life from Pitino, who appears poised to turn things around big-time since the hiring of assistant coach Tim Fuller. And this signing gives that appearance a little substance.

Behanan was a kid who, reportedly, got a scholarship offer from Calipari via phone call while he was on the way to U of L for a visit.

His commitment shows that Calipari can’t get them all. And that Pitino may be on the verge of answering with a blockbuster class of his own. But he’s been on the verge of big things in recruiting several times recently, only to be disappointed. This could be a sign that his luck his changing.

At the very least, it helps him build momentum.


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