Great football debate: College vs. Pro?

Which will you be watching tonight? Auburn and Ole Miss clash in an SEC matchup, while the NFL season begins with the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints on NBC.

Though we don’t get to cover much NFL football in these parts, and I don’t get to watch much of it because Sunday is a work day and that usually means college football stuff, I’ll still be watching the NFL tonight.

To me, the college game drags too much. While the NFL is probably just as slow (why do they need that commercial break after the kickoff and kickoff return?), I’m not bothered by it as much — probably because I’m not at as many NFL games live.

USA Today did a nice feature last week on how HD technology might be eating into NFL attendance figures. But it went beyond that. The NFL has become so fan-friendly in terms of internet following, analysis, the availability of game packages, even with the NFL network, that it has become the easiest league in major sports for a fan to follow in-depth.

From my standpoint, even if coaches fudge on some injuries, I like the fact that the coaches have to talk, they have to disclose injuries, players have to be available. NFL teams — most of them anyway — are more like teams that understand the public wants to follow them, rather than existing as some coach’s little fiefdom.

Anyway, it’s a close call. I pick college basketball over pro any day. But football, it’s close.



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