Throw the book at the dirty cheaters

This is the kind of sleazy story that sours you on college sports. I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Of all schools, Princeton was found guilty of a major NCAA violation today. Princeton, of the Ivy League, the same Ivy League that had not had a member found guilty of a major violation in 36 years.

That pristine sheet has now been muddied by an unprincipled booster who shamelessly did the following for a Tigers tennis player (you might want to sit down, this is juicy):

He paid for her school.

That’s right. The young lady’s family couldn’t afford to send her to Princeton. They spent their resources on her tennis training, trying to get her a tennis scholarship. This friend and benefactor stepped in and paid $33,000 toward her education at Princeton, which does not provide athletic scholarships.

I don’t know who this guy thinks he is — but the last thing college sports needs is, well, people trying to send kids to school.

And what kind of kid is it that values her education more highly than her sport?

Thank goodness, I supsect this is only an isolated case.

[Removing tongue from cheek now to provide a link, courtesy of The New York Times]


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