Bledsoe: Case closed

There may yet be some back and forth about Eric Bledsoe’s transcript. There will be the inevitable post-mortem and debate over academic policies in college sports.

But for the University of Kentucky basketball program, the only words that matter are these: The Birmingham School Board does not expect to change Bledsoe’s transcript, the transcript that made him eligible to play at UK — even if an independent legal investigation turned up proof that a grade had been changed and found no credible reason for the grade to have been changed in the first place.

If the transcript fits, you must acquit.

All right, that doesn’t work. No one is accused of any crime here.

But the NCAA has shown that in cases where there is no change to a high school player’s academic status, it does not retroactively change a player’s college status. Agree with it, don’t agree with it. That’s how it is. This issue, unless there are new developments, appears settled.

So UK fans can turn their attention to the weekend’s big football game with one less thing to worry about.

We’ll look at the report and finding more closely over the next few hours, but this is the bottom line on it.

The transcript needed to change for there to be an impact on UK. It didn’t change.


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